Harnett County Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project-Advertisement for Proposals

Harnett County hereby notifies all interested parties of its intention to select an advanced water metering solution. The County will award to the technology that best meets the goals of the County related to metering technologies commonly referred to as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and installation of water utility meters.

Proposals for Harnett County’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project will be received by the County until 3:00pm EST on Friday, May 29, 2020. The submission shall include one (1) signed original, three (3) hard copies and two (2) full electronic PDF copies on separate USB flash drives along with ATTACHMENT A: Harnett County AMI Specifications Worksheet and ATTACHMENT B: Pricing Sheet submitted in Excel format with all calculation formulas present (pdf of ATTACHMENT A AND B will not be accepted).

Proposals shall be clearly marked “Harnett County Advanced Metering Infrastructure RFP Response” on all envelopes and boxes, along with the company name, date, and time proposal is due. Proposals can be submitted as follows:


Hand delivery:                                Mail to:

Harnett Regional Water                  Harnett Regional Water

ATTN: Steve Ward                           ATTN: Steve Ward

700 McKinney Pkwy                        P.O. Box 1119

Lillington, NC 27546                       Lillington, NC 27546


Prospective bidders can view the Bidding Documents below.  Questions regarding any element of this RFP document or the bidder response process shall be directed to info@metersys.com.