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Mission Statement

The mission of Harnett Regional Water is to provide the highest quality of water and wastewater services to the citizens of Harnett County and the surrounding region at the most economical cost while promoting conservation and protecting the environment.

Harnett Regional Water’s revenues are generated entirely from the sale, treatment and/or availability of water and sewer. We are totally self-sufficient from a funding standpoint. That means we do not use any Harnett County tax dollars to provide our services.

In order to be financially self-supporting, a utility must recover its costs, in full, through a water and sewer user charge system. Water and sewer user charges are intended to recover costs associated with operations, maintenance, equipment replacement and capital improvements. Such user charges may generally include monthly service charges, water and sewer system development fees, water and/or sewer extension fees, energy charges, tap-on fees, septage hauler waste fees, and inspection/plan review fees.

As a public utility, Harnett Regional Water must establish a water and/or sewer user charge system consistent with the policies and regulations of various State and Federal Regulatory Agencies. Those Agencies include the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972. This legislation requires the adoption and implementation of a system of user charges that:

  • Recovers total operating, maintenance and equipment replacement costs;
  • Requires the adoption of a financial management system that will accurately account for revenues and expenditures;
  • Recovers costs in proportion to use; and
  • Advises the public of that portion of their monthly water and sewer bill which is used for treatment/operations/maintenance costs (72%) and debt service (18%).