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Our Staff


Steve Ward – Director
Glenn McFadden – Assistant Director
Kenny Fail – WW Treatment Superintendent
Ben Nuesmeyer – Capital Project Manager
Carolyn Murayama – Admin. Assistant
Sharon Denton – Admin. Support Specialist
Stacie Taylor – Admin Support Specialist

Customer Service

Jaime Phelps – Customer Service Supervisor
Angela Edwards – Collections Officer
Liz Garcia – Senior Customer Service Rep
Linda Scott – Senior Customer Service Rep
Beth Beasley – Customer Service Rep
Karen Hamilton – Customer Service Rep
Vida Ross – Customer Service Rep
Jamie Hargis – Customer Service Rep
Jill Magnum – Office Assistant 1
Sylvia Richmond – Office Assistant 1
Brandy Champion – Office Assistant 1
Brittany Webb – Office Assistant 1
Ashley Coronado – Office Assistant 1

Engineering & Mapping

Shane Cummings – Senior Engineer
Wesley Roberson – Engineering Tech
Rodney Ellen – Right of Way Tech
Alan Moss – Construction Inspector
Travis Holt – Utility Locator
Nathan Sills – Utility Locator
John Davis- Utility Locator
Katie Moore – Office Assistant 1

Electrical, SCADA & Pump Maintenance

Neill Thomas – Electrical Supervisor
Jason McNeill – SCADA Tech
Christopher Norris – Utility System Electrical Tech
Scott Burgess – Utility System Electrical Tech
Tony Dickens – Utility System Crew Leader
Marty Denton – Utility System Pump Tech
Jerry Jones – Utility System Pump Tech
Mark McLeod – Utility System Pump Tech
R. Pat Edmonds – Utility System Pump Tech

North Harnett Regional Water Treatment Plant

Allan Obriant – Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Allen Messenger – Senior Treatment Plant Op
Andrew Jones – Treatment Plant Op
Derrick Lynch – Treatment Plant Op
Brian Watson – Treatment Plant Op
Ryan David Jones – Treatment Plant Op
                                – Treatment Plant Op
Brian Keas – Plant Maintenance Tech
Tracy Tant – Laboratory Analyst
 Tony D. Allen – Water Quality Tech
                           – Water Quality Tech

North Harnett Wastewater Plant

Billy Thomas – WW Treatment Plant Supervisor
Mark Stevens – Treatment Plant Op
Johnathan Suggs – Treatment Plant Op
Bradley Mozingo – Treatment Plant Op
Jason Remington – Treatment Plant Op
Olaf El – Treatment Plant Op
Daniel Thomas – Treatment Plant Operator
Odis Faircloth – Plant Maintenance Tech
Vicky Payseur – Treatment/Pre-Treatment Operator
Cherie Shaw – Laboratory Analyst

South Harnett Wastewater Plant

Gabe Gutierrez – WW Treatment Plant Supervisor
Thomas Ray – Treatment Plant Op
Ricky Meeks – Treatment Plant Op
Clarence Gibson – Treatment Plant Op
Michael Cherry – Treatment Plant Op
Roger Neal Taylor – Treatment Plant Op
L. Eugene Christovale – Treatment Plant Op
Cam Thomas – Plant Maintenance Technician


Jason Ray – Distribution System Supervisor
Johnnie Jackson – Construction Coordinator
Chris Tyler – Senior Utility System Crew Leader
George Keele – Utility System Crew Leader
N. Chad Everette – Utility System Crew Leader
David Young – Utility System Crew Leader
Waylon Joe McCloud – Utility System Tech
Joshua Gilbert – Utility System Tech
Michael Seth Matthews – Utility System Tech
Brandon McLamb – Utility System Tech
 – Utility System Tech


Randolph Clegg – Collection System Supervisor
Christopher Elledge – Utility System Crew Leader
Jeremy Young – Utility System Tech
Victor Putnam – Utility System Tech
Stoney Baker – Utility System Tech
Dave Cameron – Utility System Tech
Anthony Underhill – Utility Tech
Al McDougald – Utility Tech
 – Utility Tech

Warehouse and Maintenance

Bradley Smith – Utility Inventory Tech
Jason Obrien – Senior Maintenance Worker
Justin Singler – Maintenance Worker

Meter Reading

Donny Osborne – Meter Service Supervisor
James Ryan McLean – Meter Services Specialist
Richard Kennedy – Senior Meter Reader
Zachery Latimer  – Senior Meter Reader
Hyon Hwang – Senior Meter Reader
Jeb Shook – Senior Meter Reader
James Lowery – Meter Reader
r – Meter Reader
                  – Meter Reader
Zane Lamm – Meter Reader
Stephen Schmidt – Meter Reader
Wesley Lewis – Meter Reader