HRW System Development Fee Analysis Draft Report for 2023

Harnett Regional Water is required by NC law to perform a system development fee analysis at a minimum of every five years.  Water and sewer system development fees are one-time charges implemented to recover the costs associated with capital investments made by a utility system to make service available to future users of the system.  These fees are usually assessed when a new water or sewer service is requested by a residential or commercial user.  They are also assessed upon residential land subdivisions or other development at the time of application for a building permit or when the water or sewer capacity is committed by HRW.  NC law requires a forty-five (45) day comment period on the attached draft analysis.  Any comments should be made in writing and delivered to HRW at 700 McKinney Pkwy, Lillington, NC or can be made by email at

See 2023 System Development Fee Analysis Report